National Competition – Wines and Spirits , 10 Edition , 1 – 2 April 2015

Contact: Lucia Pîrvu, wine expert, 0721 550 084

The competition is held under the patronage of :
Licensed Tasters Association of Romania ( ADAR )
National Interprofessional Wine Organization ( ONIV )
Valid comparisons of wines by trained experts.

The objectives of the competition are:

Promotion wines, spirits quality training partners in wine and spirits market in competition beneficial for the consumer ;
Educating the public on the characteristics and typicity Romanian wines and spirits features ;
Using image contest as a marketing tool to promote wine and spirits medals , both on the national and world markets ;
Obtaining a true picture of the wine market and a clear perception of the Romanian label , which helps educate the public on wine consumption and purchasing a medal ;

It will provide:

Great Gold Medal at red and white wine;
Great Gold Medal Wine- wine;
Great Gold Medal alcoholic beverages;

During the Awards Ceremony will be nominated and highlight the best winemakers in reverence to those who have produced wines and spirits.